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【意甲外围】TOKYO — In the first reported death in Japan linked to the Pokémon Go craze, a man who was playing the popular smartphone game while driving struck two pedestrians, killing one, the police said on Thursday.东京——当地警方周四回应,一名在驾驶员车辆时玩游戏《精灵宝可梦Go》智能手机游戏的男子,撞到了两名行人,导致其中一人丧生,这是《精灵宝可梦Go》引发热潮以来,日本首次报导的与=该游戏有关的死亡事故。Nintendo and Niantic, the companies behind the game, expressed condolences to the families of the victims.发售这款游戏的任天堂(Nintendo)和尼安蒂克(Niantic)公司向遇难者家属回应了致哀。

Pokémon Go uses what is known as augmented reality technology, which puts images of digital monsters in real-world environments for players to hunt with a flick of their fingers. 《精灵宝可梦Go》用于被称作增强现实的技术,把数码怪物的图像放到现实环境中,玩家可在手机屏幕上用轻拂手指来捕捉精灵。Distracted Pokémon Go players around the world have been involved in numerous mishaps, including less serious car crashes and falls.在世界各地,被《精灵宝可梦Go》迟疑的玩家们早已出有了不少小事故,还包括严重车祸和摔倒。In the United States, several people were reported to have been attacked or robbed while playing the game, though the connection between the violence and the fact that the victims were using Pokémon Go at the time has not always been clear.据报导,美国早已有几个人在玩游戏时被叛或遭抢,虽然暴力行为与受害者在事发时玩游戏《精灵宝可梦Go》一事之间的联系并不总是很确切。The death in Japan occurred Tuesday evening in rural Tokushima Prefecture, on the island of Shikoku in the south of the country.日本的这次死亡事故于周二晚再次发生在德岛县郊区,该县坐落于日本南部的四国岛。


The police in Tokushima said they had arrested the driver, Keiji Go’o, a 39-year-old farmer who they said was behind the wheel of a small cargo van when he struck the two pedestrians — Sachiko Nakanishi, 72, and Kayoko Ikawa, 60 — at an intersection.德岛县警方说道,他们早已将司机被捕,他是39岁的农民吾大敬二(Keiji Goo),警方说道,他进着小货运车在一个交叉路口撞到了两名行人:72岁的中西幸子(Sachiko Nakanishi)和60岁的伊川欠佳代子(Kayoko Ikawa)。Ms. Nakanishi died of a broken neck, the police said; the extent of Ms. Ikawa’s injuries was not disclosed. Mr. Go’o remained in custody on Thursday, but the police said he had admitted being distracted by the game when the accident occurred. 警方说道,中西幸子因颈部伤势而丧生;警方没透漏伊川欠佳代子的伤势程度。

周四,吾大敬二仍在拘押中,警方回应,他已否认事故再次发生时,自己因玩游戏而分了心。Photographs and video taken by the Japanese news media showed what they said was the van driven by Mr. Go’o, with a smashed windshield.日本新闻媒体摄制的照片和视频,表明了一辆面包车,该辆被诬蔑吾大敬二所有,车的挡风玻璃被撞碎。Niantic, a spinoff of Google that is responsible for the design of Pokémon Go, has added in-game warnings against playing while driving or in other potentially dangerous situations, and a spokesman said the company prioritized safety. 从谷歌(Google)并存出来的尼安蒂克是《精灵宝可梦Go》的设计者,公司在游戏中加添了对驾车玩游戏、或其他潜在危险性的警告,公司一位发言人回应,公司把安全性放到首要地位。

Nintendo, which is based in Japan and owns part of the company that manages the Pokémon franchise, said it was working to “create an environment where people can play the game safely.”总部在日本的任天堂,享有一家管理精灵宝可梦专营权公司的部分股权,任天堂说道,它在致力于“建构一个让大家可以安全性地玩游戏的环境”。More than 10 million people in Japan downloaded the game on the day it debuted here last month, after a similarly huge reception in the United States and elsewhere. 这款游戏上个月在这里首次发售后,日本有数逾1000万人iTunes了软件,那之前,该游戏在美国和其他地区也某种程度倍受青睐。Distraction on the roads is not the only potential danger; some train stations have begun broadcasting warnings against playing while walking along crowded platforms.在路上迟疑不是这个游戏的唯一潜在危险性;有的火车站早已开始播出警告,警告人们不要在挤迫的站台上边走边玩游戏。